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Study highlights data problem for EU food waste

12 Apr 2016

Only six of all 28 EU member states provided «quality» data on food waste generated by primary producers, Fusions said

An “acute lack of data” from member states will undermine EU efforts to reduce food waste and set targets, a study has warned.

The report by EU-funded research schemeFusions estimated that 87.6 Mt in food waste were generated across the EU in 2012. However, it suggested that member states’ failure to provide quality data meant that the total could be higher.

It found that data reporting was particularly poor for food waste produced by primary sectors such as agriculture and the processing industries with only 15 and 19 EU member states, respectively, supplying data for these categories. Of these countries, only six submitted quality data for agricultural food waste and only four provided robust figures for the processing industry.

However, the European Commission told ENDS that under the latest proposed changes to EU waste rules, member states are required to monitor and curb food waste at every stage of the supply chain

But Zero Waste Europe criticised the Commission for subsidising the agricultural industry while being aware that a «significant part» of the produce will end up as waste. Food waste should be tackled at source via specific indicators for the production phase, the group added.

The circular economy package, unveiled last December,contains proposals(SEE ANNEX to the EC Communication) to improve the way food waste is measured, set up a dedicated platform for stakeholders and clarify how existing EU rules can promote food donation.

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